Race to Rigor is challenging High Schools in Riverside County to increase student’s access and success in rigorous coursework including UC/CSU A-G, Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Enrollment, and International Baccalaureate (IB) to ensure preparation and academic success in college.

More Information On AP Readiness
Parents planning for college should not start senior year. Start early by:

  • Learn about UC/CSU A-G Coursework
  • Find out what A-G courses are offered at your student’s
  • Create an account at www.californiacolleges.edu and start explore your student’s college and career options
  • Students planning for college should not start senior year.
    Start early by:

  • Discuss with your school counselor if you are on a college ready track
  • Investigate College and Career interests and start your planning at www.californiacolleges.edu
  • Stay motivated and ask for help before you get behind.
  • Schools should collaborate to ensure they are providing access to rigorous coursework and creating a student driven master schedule.

  • Schools should consistently monitor and review student’s access and success to rigorous coursework, ensuring they are providing high levels of learning for all students.
  • Schools should provide systems of intervention during the school day to support all students academic success.
  • Transparency of course offerings, descriptions, and awareness of course expectations should be easily made available to all students and parents. Example: School Course Catalog posted on the front page of their school’s website