Official Kickoff Date: October 10th, 2018

College Kickoff focuses on college and career readiness and is connected to the Riverside County Office of Education Pledge—that all students in Riverside County will graduate from high school well prepared for college and the workforce. Additionally, the campaign is an outgrowth of the Riverside County Education Collaborative that was lauded in 2014 by President Barack Obama for increasing college-going rates in the Inland Empire.

Download The Official College Kickoff Commercial
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About The Process

Our goal is to increase the number of Riverside County students applying to three or more colleges and enrolling in the fall to 60%.

This map shows an effective process schools can use to support and increase a college going culture.

Promote College Kickoff by:

  • Research college affordability, career interests, and college options with your students
  • Visit a local college campus. Free tours are available
  • Check your school’s website for College Kickoff events
Students get involved in College Kickoff By:

  • Find out if your school will be offering the PSAT or SAT during October
  • Seniors complete your College and FAFSA application
  • Explore your college and career interests at
  • Asks your parents to visit a local college campus
  • Wear your favorite college spirit gear
Create a college going culture by:

  • Provide College and FAFSA application workshops for seniors during the school day
  • Explore college and career plans with your students and review necessary coursework for college admission
  • Create a college going celebratory environment